aws-amplify is Awesome!

If you are in the habit of starting side projects like I am then you keep tabs on the different cloud provider offerings. I was big into Firebase about a year ago when I discovered it. Recently I used Netlify for a simple static site ([]. And about a month ago I decided to try out (aws-amplify)[]. It rocks.

For my latest just for fun project I'm updating ([]. I'm really excited about this update and will write more about it when it is launched, but generally I'm hoping to bring a more personalized experience to the users of the site. The original is all hosted on Firebase and I considered keeping it there, but aws-amplify looked neat. I like neat things.

What sold me on it was how long it took me to write my initial GraphQL schema. 4 hours. It only took 4 hours to write a basic set of models. Then I ran amplify and it generated all my queries, mutations, and subscriptions. I didn't even know I could do subscriptions! In comparison, the schema for was done completely manually and the first draft of it took 3 days to write (I was also learning how to write a schema at the time).

Did I mention that the API automatically connected to DynamoDB, so I didn't need to do any database setup. I was basically ready to start writing an app in 4 hours. This blew my fricken mind.

I've used the Storage and Auth libraries from amplify and they are also just as simple to get up and running. The barrier for entry in terms of backend setup is so low.

If you haven't tried Amplify yet I recommend giving it a shot for your next project. It is truly a joy to use.