Habit Helper

I'm trying to set some healthy habits these days. A solid routine that I can nail when I'm feeling great and still get done when I'm feeling crappy. Since I'm a nerd I've used a bunch of the different habit/routine iOS apps. My current favourite is Streaks with Lazy Bones being a new and exciting competitor.

One aspect of habit tracking I've been thinking about is repurcussions for not doing what I've set out to do. I don't want to beat myself up, but I also want to be held accountable. That's where the idea for Habit Helper came.

I mocked up a little idea in Glitch called Habit Helper. The concept is really simple. Anytime you do the thing, you increase a donation to a good cause. Anytime you don't do the thing the donation to an evil cause increases.

The idea that you have to donate to evil has been around (I've read it in a few books) and BeeMinder is actually doing the monetary incentives really well. So, I'm probably not going to build this out beyond my little concept. The making is the fun part!

For this project I kept things super simple and used create-react-app. The biggest hastle was getting Hooks working on Glitch. After trying to figure it out I found a project using hooks and Remixed it. Glitch is great for that.

The other neat-o thing about Habit Helper is the amounts persist in local storage. This was stupid easy to do in React localStorage.setItem() and getItem() is all I needed. Since it is on Glitch go ahead and check out the source.